Can I connect Different zebpay account to my profile?

The last day to connect the brave rewards with a wallet was 31st october in my region (INDIA).

I didn’t have a zebpay account in the then, so I used my friend’s account for that time.
now I have successfully completed the KYC and all, and have my Zebpay account ready.

I am concerned if I could connect my account instead of my friend’s to my profiles now.

One way I see this is as - we get automatically logged out from brave rewards after some days, so instead of logging back to my friend’s account and connecting that, can I instead login into mine.
I fear it may/ may not create some problems.

Has anyone done this ? I see no harm in doing this, nor does this seems illegal in any way so there should not be a problem, Ig.

@Iamme Just reset your Rewards. Go to brave://rewards and hit Reset. This will put things back as if you just started using Rewards and will need to choose your country and all. Then you just connect to your ZebPay and begin earning. You may lose any estimated earnings from the current month on the one connected to your friend’s account. But it is what it is. At least would clear it up for you.

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Resetting the rewards resets the WHOLE PROFILE, right?

I have a lots of passwords and bookmarks, and I will have to make a backup of all these.
bookmarks are easy to backup but is there a way to save the passwords

The Rewards profile. I’m not telling you to reset the whole browser. So all your passwords and stuff remain. Just go to brave://rewards and reset that. It will be like below:



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I see, so all I lose is the estimated earning so far for this month.

Thanks for the info bro.

edit: Well let’s just wait for the payout for this month and then reset, why lose those few tokens. (being greedy, not exactly, giving some portion of it to my friend too)

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