Brave Creator Reward : Not getting Zebpay feature in Creator account

Hey I’m Not getting Zebpay feature in Creator account in India


That’s correct, because ZebPay isn’t available for Creators yet. It’s only active for Rewards. You can read more at

In the near future, creators will also be able to connect a ZebPay account to their Brave Creators account, allowing them to receive BAT contributions from Brave Rewards users.

Hey @Saoiray I got logged out from my Gemini account in rewards and I’m not getting an option to sign in again in Gemini, it’s only showing Zebpay now.

Yes that is correct. We can now only connect to Zebpay.

I have connected to zebpay yet I am seeing my gemini balance on the reward screen lol?

Yeah, same here. Most likely it’s because the browser thinks that this is vBAT in this case it’s not lol.
I’ll tag @chriscat to get more clarity on the topic

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what’s gonna happen to creator vBats without connected wallet? are they going to disapear too? I hope zebpay become available for creators before sunset deadline.

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