What about Zebpay?

Finally, I think Brave browser gives an earning opportunity to India through Zebpay. Does it work fine?

Yes. It does. Have connected to Zebpay on 3 devices. Don’t know if gonna be having issues with any payouts as of yet, since first Zebpay payout gonna be in October.

More info at

I cannot connect zebpay with brave rewards on mobile app.
Somebody help me out.

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@Arjun.Baburaj why not? I mean, how far are you getting in the process and are you getting any type of messages?

@Saoiray Screenshot_20230919-011541_Brave|230x500

@Arjun.Baburaj thanks for sharing. There’s two pieces of information I want you to check.

  1. What version of Brave are you using? Keep in mind it needs to be Brave 1.58 or later for ZebPay to show up.

  2. What country did you choose for your Rewards country? You can verify this by typing in brave://rewards-internals in your search/URL bar and you’ll see a spot where it says Rewards country. It must say India in order for you to see ZebPay.

Yes :purple_heart: im from India :india: but i cannot connect zebpay why?

Because Google Play Store hasn’t released version 1.58.x yet

Absolutely true. I know Brave released it, but not sure what’s taking so long for it to show up in Google Play. I’ll tag in @chriscat and @steeven just to see if they can tag in anyone internally to make sure it was pushed through like it should be and if anyone can give an ETA of when it will show up.

@ramuz18 is correct — 1.58x release was delayed but when it is released Indian users on all platforms should be able to connect via Zebpay