I'm trying to use my code of brave wallet, but always appears to try another password

Hello There, so, I have been restoring my PC because of some errors, and now that I got the Brave app installed in my PC, everytime I try to use my code of brave wallet to restore it doesn’t work.

I really really really appreciate some help.


Which code? I know it might seem weird to ask as you kind of specified, but some people speak generally like that and there’s questions to ask. Like are you referring to browser wallet where vBAT is stored before payments are sent? Are you referring to custodial wallet like uphold/gemini which ties in with Brave? Or are you referring to Brave Wallet which is something else entirely?

I also ask because sometimes people speak of Sync code, but that has nothing to do with wallet.

So forgive me for saying all of that, but I do need to understand more what you have done and are trying to do.

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