I've been trying to verify my wallet for 6 months and still it won't work

Does ANYBODY have a fix for this?
I’m getting so aggravated I just want to verify my account. This is the 3rd brave account I’ve had because there is no way to recover your bat from an old account if your phone breaks or you lose it… I don’t want to lose all my bat for the 4th time. Can someone please tell me how to make this work???

Can you please elaborate on what happens when you try to verify, what type of device you’re using as well as what Brave version you’re using?

I’m using an Android. I click on verify wallet, it brings me to uphold (which is already verified) when I click the button to advance it just brings me to the Brave rewards page…

This has been happening for almost 6 months and I’ve made several posts about it & I’ve actually talked to you a couple months ago…

Apologies if our original conversation got lost in the shuffle. Please DM me with your wallet payment ID (found on your brave://rewards-internals page) so we can take a closer look.

Thank you.

Once it brings me to uphold & I put my login info & then my 2FA when I hit continue it’s just brings me back to Brave rewards… It’s really annoying because I want to factory reset my phone but that will be the 4th time that I lose all my Bat I’ve accumulated & start a new account

Please see my previously reply and DM me with the requested information.

Thank you,.

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