Crypto Wallet Password

Someone mind helping with this. I am trying to migrate my BAT to Brave Wallet. it asks for Crypto Wallet Password which I assumed it wanted my wallet password as in Uphold’s password. I have no clue what other password it is asking for as I only have that one password.
I keep getting “JSON data is not expected”


I’m not 100% sure if I get this right, but you are NOT supposed to log into your brave-wallet with your Uphold-Account.
“Crypto wallet” is the former Brave-Wallet I guess.
If you haven’t used that before, try just setting up a new PW.

Oh so it should say use password “Or” set up a new password if you don’t have one?

I didn’t know we had a former Brave Wallet. I thought we were forced to use Uphold only. I never would have used Uphold if there were somewhere else to store BAT

Honestly the Brave browser and the BAT system is pretty awful to navigate. I have an Uphold wallet before using brave. I can sign into it just find from anywhere but the bravo browser. it asks for a third party app password, something I have never setup and never do any other time I log in. It also doesn’t properly link my rewards between mobile and web browser, among other things that should be pretty straight forward.

Both, neither will properly connect to uphold, not that I want it in the first place. Also my rewards stopped on both the mobile and web bravo browsers anyways.

I still get ads. that part works. but my rewards never go up. they have been the same since I started using the Brave browser, mobile showing 2.5 and desktop 2.11. I sign into both with the same profile so no idea why they dont match/combine.

I don’t really have enough BAT to really make it worth much effort here, however its been a rather disappointing venture

awesome, if I can figure out why I can’t get this all working that would great. I always feel like I’m missing something obvious

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Please open your own thread and fill out all the requested information and we’d be happy to assist you.

@Sarys, Brave Wallet – while I do understand the confusion here – is entirely separate from Brave Rewards. It is for storing, buying, sending, etc already owned crypto assets. BAT needs to be moved to a custodial exchange before it can be moved in this way. We have documentation on setting up Brave Wallet here:

Thanks mang. Appreciate it.

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