Linking Old Wallet (and BTC deposited) to New Wallet

Hi there–apologies if this is a redundant posting :slight_smile:

I’m not new to Brave, but I’m test driving it on my Linux desktop (Ubuntu 18.04) and considering making a permanent switch. I messed up, though (blame the slight learning curve?) and now have no way to access my original wallet (where I had sent some btc). Can I somehow regain access to those transferred funds?

Basically, I downloaded the Brave snap package (and sent some btc to my wallet there)…but then I (foolishly) removed that snap package and–without syncing anything–installed and ran the dev version (via apt) instead.

I’d like to access the bitcoin I’ve already sent if possible. I can provide transaction information (addresses etc.) if that helps. That said, it’s really not the end of the world if I can’t as my payment was pretty small.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Hi @raqi,

If you have the backup code for your Brave Rewards wallet, then you’ll be able to recover it on the new installation.

cc @LaurenWags @sriram

HI @raqi,

Do you still see a brave folder under ~/.config/brave ?

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