No Brave adds AT ALL for first 7 days of January

For the month of January, up to this point, I have received no adds. I have received 0.473 BAT so far, but it seems like I get this when scrolling through brave news. I will see a random BAT symbol by one add for the entire day and I get about 0.01 BAT for clicking it. Has the method for earning been changed? Will we not see pop up adds anymore? I want them back! I want to earn more BAT!!!


I haven’t seen any bats this month either, come to think of it, probably most of December as well. I have no additional ad blocking installed at all. Not running a VPN for the past couple days since I found out they cause issues, but even then still no ads. I’m seeing all kinds of other notifications in windows, so it’s not my notification settings.


Must be something going on with Brave. I’ve seen a couple other posts about this too. Maybe it’ll clear up after they distribute rewards. :crossed_fingers:

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The ads are very low it seems. For me in the morning there are almost no ads but in the evening the ads come flooding in. For whatever reason if you check the it shows only new tab page ads all day until at night then it suddenly shows more ads. What is weird is when I check the ads avialble to me they show lasting a week or a month etc. But then they disappear in the morning. I think it is just some sort of strange happening. Give it some time as this tends to be a common problem with brave. Hot times of receiving ads and cold times of receiving ads.

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thanks, I had no idea you could see what adds are being offered.

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