I'm in -- but I do have some minor reservations

I’m in on the whole Brave concept. However (full disclosure) I am a Googlehead and honestly, I have many home devices, plus my wife and I are both on Pixel phones while Chrome has been my browser since time out of mind. All this means a ton of convenience - how could it not considering all they know about me - but I do wonder about Google’s ultimate intentions at times. Hence, my interest here. If I can continue to use my devices with little changes, that’d be great, mostly because of my wife. She is NOT a tech person even a little. Changing her processes are epic efforts.

Then too, I had a security clearance for 33 years so the government knows ALL about me lol. That was my justification for adopting Google, reasoning that what difference did it make since my life is literally an open book and I do nothing illicit or illegal anyway.

So I guess my point is this; I like where you guys are heading, and an attention based economy ought to be a level playing field where we the consumers decide what we want to support and what we definitely don’t want to support. Is anyone else in a similar position that could clue me in to what to expect going forward with these things in mind?

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Hey SocialExodus,

Would this suffice as an answer for you? It’s our BAT roadmap:

Yes it will and thank you for that!

I’ve only one “issue” with Uphold at this point. I bought $20 worth of BAT, and I later found out I have no way to get it back lol. My bank(s) don’t support plaid it seems. Is there any way to get that BAT into Brave’s wallet itself, or is this a one way only deal as I earn the tokens?

BTW, I’m a total noob with Crypto Currencies :wink:

Can you confirm where you bought your BAT from?

Whatever Uphold sells it from?

Just to make sure:

  1. Is your wallet connect/verified on Uphold
  2. Can you show me your cards on Uphold? Just leave out the important information, of course.

Hi Adrian,

Yes, my wallet says Verified:

As for the card I used, it was my main credit card and I was able to purchase $20 worth of BAT which immediately turned into $19.59. Fast moving market I guess. Anyway, I have since deleted that card since I couldn’t get it to move my BAT to anywhere other than other Cypto Currencies.

Yes, I am very confused, but I learn fast :slight_smile:

If I can just pop in to give some advice, it would be that in my opinion and from my own personal experience with not being able to use Plaid and having to withdraw crypto in other ways besides using Plaid as a whole, I recommend you (if you have the option) just manually link your bank account which usually requires a deposit to verify, or contacting uphold support in order to manually verify and/or link your bank account.
You can probably sell your BAT or crypto by withdrawing it to another exchange and using their P2P sell features, or withdrawing fiat to cards and bank accounts w/o using Plaid. A recommendation would be Gemini for withdrawing to a bank account w/o using Plaid, and because Gemini User Wallets are coming soon.
If you’re concerned about the value for the meantime I suggest you sell your BAT for a stablecoin (DAI, USDT, etc.) while you figure out the whole process of actually getting crypto back into your bank account, or at the very least, money.
In terms of “Is there any way to get that BAT into Brave’s wallet itself” I believe you can just press the add funds button in your browser wallet screen? I wrote the above in assumption that your BAT is still in Uphold, and that you’d like to know how to sell it (or crypto in general) back into money.
Hope this helps a bit, if not, sorry for intruding!

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Hey, great info. Yes, for the heck of it I bought ETH using BAT and then put it back. We’re talking $20 here so my world won’t implode whilst I figure this out.

I can say this though; if this whole idea is going to catch on with the masses, it’s got to get simpler. I’m an 30+ year IT pro and it’s kicking my tail so far lol

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