Beautiful Brave upgrade 1.6.0 for Android

@eljuno, @steeven and others at Brave. Thanks a lot for the new Brave browser upgrade 1.6.0 for Android phones. The colourful screen saver pics are a treat to watch. And the small white tick on dark blue circle on the Brave triangle on top right hand corner which instantly notifies us of verified publishers even before we open that site is also great. Keep up the good work guys. And thanks for every small but significant update.


I am still waiting to the posibility to link my Brave Wallet in Android to Uphold. :sweat_smile:

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I agree. Will be nice to have that feature. I got a new Pixel and since I knew I would lose my BAT, I donated all the bat on my old phone to my favorite publishers.

If you get a new phone before Uphold support is added, make sure you donate your BAT on your old phone.

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