Apple and Brave Ugh So Starting a Twitter Campaign Who is With Me?


I started using Brave browser as a coricoros (sp?) airdrop to get Eggs if I used it for 30 days. And I have set it as my preferred browser now because it is awesome. I really like it for multiple reasons. It is a very clean interface. I love that you don’t track people. I was so upset recently when I found out the extent to which Apple and Google has been tracking my movements and information on my phone. Why does Apple need to keep my notes? That is where I store all my writing? Or info about my health? If I was going to go into a very paranoid mind state I would say that because the government knows how truly cataclysmic climate change will be, they are storing records of unhealthy people to push off onto icebergs when the time comes because we won’t have the resources for everyone and we will only want and need the healthy then. But “I’m sure no one thinks 1940’s” thinking like that anymore.

See I am 47. I used to design websites and develop elearning programs before I became a mom and all of my technical ability flew out of my body and into hers, But with Brave and crypto and everything that is going on these days I feel like I am getting it back as I research and look at etherscan strings and create metamask wallets. So long opening not short, I am upset because I was finally going to hook up and see how many BAT I have because I also have bought BAT on both coinbase and uphold. I was excited to add some to my portfolio. And as I was reading the how to, I got to the very bottom where it said in slightly smaller letters that it doesn’t work on IOS for phone or mobile.

What? Ok…C’mon Apple? You guys already make so much money. You are part of FANG for gods sake. So why can’t us little people have some BAT? I am going to go on twitter and tell Apple to let people have access to Brave rewards, to drop the FANGs and let the BAT fly.

Is there a reason besides a fiduciary one they aren’t allowing this? Because you know I am on disability, I’ve got a kid and severe medical issues, tons of medical bills and little things like this really could help me. How much does it really hurt Apple? Seriously?
It makes me so mad.

So before I go on a rant, I figured I would post here and ask why and also double-check to see if I can still transfer my rewards to my laptop. I saw that on another thread. Would that be an ongoing thing or just once? And does it need to be done soon?

Thank you and you guys are amazing! Keep up the good work. You are part of changing the world like a lot of the crypto that is going on right now. I am so excited to be a part of it in any little way I can, even if it just to leave her after I send this and go on twitter to say how amazing Brave is!

Stay safe and many blessings,

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Hello, @G0ddessNevrN0tBr0ken, yes, I believe you can still do the one-time transfer. This should be able to get you started:

If you should encounter any issues during the process, I suggest making a new topic under these headings…
…as you could be assisted more quickly.

Before you go on Twitter to vent your frustrations, there is this article on the situation, in case you’ve not come across it before:

Personally, I don’t think it was so much a fiduciary move on Apple’s part as much as it was about good old-fashioned control.

Good luck with your rant :slight_smile:

EDIT: If you should have some issue with transferring your Brave Rewards off your iOS/iPad, please read Support’s thread and follow the directions:

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