I''m almost done now with Brave: Country not supported, constant reminders from Google that the browser isn't supported

I’'m almost done now with Brave: I’ve lost all my vBAT despite having registered with Uphold as an early adopter. They promised I’d not be affected by the drop of support for Germany, that the ban would only be in place for new users… and yet, here we are.

Given the government in Germany and its policies around crypto, I can’t see the country coming back on the map any time soon. I’ve now disabled Brave Rewards and ads. Why collect if you’re left out from the party?

Plus, I’m getting increasingly annoyed by Google and other sites reminding me to install a different browser as the one I’m using - ie. Brave - isn’t supported.

Sorry, but Brave is on the way out if you can’t get back on track!


Umm, I’d like to challenge you to provide screenshots and also links to where you’re seeing this. I can 100% guarantee that Google does not tell you that Brave isn’t supported. And I’m 90% certain you’re not finding any websites that aren’t working and telling you it’s because the browser isn’t supported. You may see things like where Netflix or others list “compatible” browsers or whatever, to which Brave isn’t listed. But that’s because they don’t explicitly test for Brave yet. They only test and design for specific browsers and those are all that get listed. But just because not on their list of supported browsers doesn’t mean it works or that they send you notifications to install another browser.


@Saoiray, some websites refer to “not supported” while others say “not compatible.” The reason you outlined could be the culprit, I can see that. However, it’s still annoying to me as a user. Furthermore, you get the nagging feeling that parts of the site might not work properly.

I’ve made the switch now. It certainly doesn’t help that vBAT was erased from my account and that I can’t collect rewards anymore as a user based in Germany. This has been going on for too long.

Might come back at some point. It was nice, while it lasted.

Forgot to attach that screenshot.

As you can see, it clearly says “not supported.” Challenge accepted!

So much for your 100% guarantee that Google doesn’t say Brave isn’t supported. This is from Google Sheets!

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@StrictlyBagel I’m glad you did share the screenshot, as it shows a slight difference compared to what you said. It’s not that the browser isn’t supported. What yours shows is that yours is outdated. It seems you’re not using the most recent version of Brave.

If you check About Brave, which version are you using right now?

Nah, that note has shown for months now. And Brave is set to auto-update. See below for version information.

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@StrictlyBagel hmm. You’re using on Google Sheets, right? I just visited and I’m not getting that message. Let me get you to do a couple little “troubleshooting steps” to help rule some things out.

  1. Can you open in Private Window. Does it make a difference?

  2. Can you Create a new profile from your hamburger menu and then test if you get the same thing?

I’m kind of wondering if an extension or cookie might be somehow creating a conflict. If you’re seeing this issue on other sites or content, can you list where so Support can also try to double check from their end to see if it can be replicated? (assuming Private Window or New Profile doesn’t solve it for you)

In Android, Desktop site enabled GoggleSheet seems ok.

Same thing in a private tab.

But don’t worry. I’m using Chrome now. Brave doesn’t support Germany, lost all my vBAT, no reason to stay around on this browser until it’s worthwhile.

They did the same thing in India also. I have Uphold account now but no source from Brave… All my BAT is not even linking to my account. What use is it for me if it will disappear with no result. Time waste, resources and energy wasted. Not even an alternative offered by the Brave team in this regard.

If the developers are not loyal to us, why would we provide you the feedbacks and other screenshots to improve Brave Browser?

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