BAT dont work anymore

Hey, since the new update i cant get any BAT right now, because i am from germany and we cant create a wallet of the three options you offer us.
what should i do right now?
i think i have to remove the brave brwoser for the future and install chrome back?
that is crap guys…

Germany is not supported. So, you cannot do anything. It’s sad, but it’s the cruel reality.

As for uninstalling Brave, that is a decision you have to make yourself. You need to evaluate the advantages of using Chrome, or any other browser, against Brave.
In my own opinion, Brave has so many advantages in terms of privacy and accessibility compared to most browsers.
Since you are from Germany, you may know that there are many websites that are blocked there. Well, some of those work in Brave. Isn’t this a reason to use it?
Plus, all the annoying popups and ads that Brave so easily hides from you.

But, it’s your PC, your decision. You use what fits your better :slight_smile:

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