Browser Updated and now what?


im using this Browser for around 4 years or so, purely for the use to accumulate these tokens, ofc germany is no longer supported and the accumulation stopped.

Now after the Browserupdate it says that when Rewards are activated i will only support creators? wtf? Hate this change. Feels weird being drained. If i hadnt noticed it then everything i was earning would go down the drain? lol.

Really shady, no warning whatsoever. Will switch immediately to a different browser.

fock this, im out


Not true. You just haven’t been paying attention. For example:

Even people who have had open topics here over the past year or two:

Nothing should be drained except you have auto-contribute turned on and you have vBAT in your browser.

What this means is you don’t earn BAT unless you’re connected to Uphold or Gemini. If you’re not verified/connected, you don’t earn for yourself. However, you have the option to still participate in Rewards so that Creators can earn BAT. You just don’t have control over it like you used to, so you’ll not be able to choose exactly which websites to tip and won’t see a running tally

What about India was about to be added and you mentioned the sunset won’t happen until we get an option to withdraw the earned rewards?

So, I was correct BRAVE and BAT are well crafted scam.

Even I heard. Brave used to add affiliate tag without user consent and they even sell data for using their so called privacy search engine.

The end for Brave/BAT is near.

@AndBat what the heck are you talking about? I didn’t share any conflicting information. They said new exchange partner is coming for India and will arrive by the end of the year. Actually, not long ago they said it should be appearing in Nightly soon. But that has nothing to do with the OP here who was talking about Germany, seeing as how that new exchange partner is going to be for India only. And as I said, Brendan spoke about new exchange partner last year, it just hasn’t arrived yet.

That is correct. It won’t happen till India is able to connect to the custodial in the release version too. The sunset will be done around a month after that.

Explain how.

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