If you are using Brave Rewards on Brave 1.2 or older for Desktop, it is time to upgrade

Dear Brave Community -

Brave 1.5.115 is available for download and we encourage you to upgrade to this latest version.

We have made significant improvements to the Brave Rewards product since Brave 1.2. These changes enable more privacy, and reduce performance overhead.

Brave 1.3 was released about 7 weeks ago with additional updates available since then. If you are an avid Brave Rewards user, it is time to upgrade to the new system by upgrading your Brave Browser. Later today, we are going to remove support for the old rewards and grants systems - what this means is your balances that are not on the Uphold wallet may go down. To be clear, this does not mean your BAT is lost but we want to turn off legacy systems. All you have to do is upgrade to the latest version (V 1.15.x) and you will see BAT show up.

If you have issues upgrading your browser, here are some instructions –

  • Go to About Brave
  • You will see the version with a Relaunch button
  • Relaunch and the Browser will upgrade to the latest version
  • When back up, ensure you are on Version 1.5.115

You can continue using the Brave Browser in your current version if you are not worried about your Ads Rewards or previously held grants.

If you have questions, please use this thread.

Thank you


How do my tokens from ad rewards come back? I’m on the latest update but all my rewards are now gone?


Hi @shiruba we have some other folks - a handful - that have reported the same issue. We are putting a fix to minimally allow for you guys to be able to see the balance while we figure why some users are having upgrade issues.

We guarantee 100% that zero BAT will be lost and we will repay BAT for BAT in case BAT was lost.

Best, Mandar


Dear all -

Some of you have reported a loss of BAT after the upgrade. We are trying to push a fix that allows you to see the BAT from the past grants as we figure out what may have happened during the upgrade. Bear with us!

Rest assured, if you have lost BAT we will replenish it. For now, we are working to make fixes in the next few hours that allows missing BAT to show up in the balance.

That being said, please upgrade your applications to a release post V1.3 to allow for that BAT to be usable within Brave Rewards. Thank you for your patience.

Best, Mandar


May you make a separate post about this to start a new thread. I’m sure the plethora of people who posted would notice a new thread addressing this, instead of two comments.


Fair! Let me see if i can find @steeven when he is awake to update the main post or create a new one.


@mandar thread with reports from users can be found here Missing BAT from my wallet suddenly


Replied there as well. Thanks @eljuno

My BAT has returned. All good here.

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This is what I see, not sure why it doesn’t say there’s an update, which was one of the first things I checked for when my BAT was missing. Also, in order to update do I have to download from the website since the browser doesn’t recognize the update exists?

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Can you check your wallet and update if the balance updated? At this you are very outdated and current version is v1.5.*


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I have received BAT back, I thought I have more but It’s around the correct amount at the very least. I had been doing the updates that came up but it’s definitely been a minute since I was prompted for the last one.

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How should I go about updating my browser so that I don’t lose any data?

If you type brave://settings/help in a tab, Brave will let you know if you there is an update. Click on Relaunch and you are on your way.

DM if you still need help and we can do this via email. Thanks

Good evening.

Would you be kind enough to answer my post? or at least read it?


Hey there - Is the Q specific to referrals or Ads? Based on reading, it feels like Ads. Can you give me some more information? May be DM me and we can get going to resolve this - its past 1 AM so just a heads up, I may need to follow up tomorrow. We may need to do this via email to get some history.

ok Maybe my English is not well understood since I am from Argentina and I speak Spanish, here it is 5 am.
or only the references, but I have not received a single bat of anything in the whole month of May, neither from ADS nor from reference or by navigation or anything.

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I send you DM as you silicitized it. Thanks a lot.