If we can't withdraw, better make earning only creators

From 2-3 days no one outside the US can link (or relink when logged out) a profile to Gemini; this new restriction change the entire ecosystem by a lot. Users disappointed, after opening accounts with demanding KYC needed to collect their rewards (in a privacy focused browser by the way) suddenly no more able to take what earned. The 19 countries reduction of some months ago must be temporary, Brave tried to bring back Brazil with some issues, then France and one day before the October payout the news that only one country (USA) will be able to continue joining the Brave-Gemini partnership. Meanwhile all the rest of the world using the rewards program still with a KYCed account in a mostly useless exchange (Gemini doesn’t provide anymore free withdrawals from some months, earn program is only available in US and trading pairs have low volumes that barely move prices). All this happened so far can only make loose interest in the token (and thus the project), people joined with the idea of having a tool to tip creators when they like a content and to keep what earned if they want it, and cash out, of course. These limitations make impossible to put our hands over our earnings generating only anger and suspects, even when there are only few tokens locked by the system (there are tons of complaints about 1.5-2 BAT not arrived in the community). So, at this point, if there are no real alternatives to these 3 options in the next future, maybe, I think it’s should be better remove entirely the browser linking feature, avoiding unwanted KYC spreaded around, wasting time on a no more paying system and let only owners of verified sites do the work in the exchange, connecting not the browser but just the creator account that will be the only who will benefit economically speaking, and so the need of KYC. This is not a critic (for that I already posted yesterday🙂), this is my point of view of what this ecosystem needs to survive.


Now they removed the option to link uphold and gemini (philippine account). There should be a way for our hard earn Token to be withdrawn or transferred to other wallet. I hope this issue will be resolve immediately by BRAVE.

They’re working on getting back most workable regions back by the end of the year. I know that’s not much info but it’s what is out there. They should be be more transparent about what’s going on about regional support.
BTW I don’t know if you already know, but Brave says they’re in talks with a third Custodial wallet provider, they say they might integrate by Q2 2023. They haven’t revealed specifics yet but Brave says once added, it’ll make users very happy.

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