Major loss linking Brave to Uphold

I have several devices all with Brave browser installed; I waited months patiently for the availability of the Gemini connection in android, when arrived i connected 2 of them with no issues until now. Few days ago the new restrictions from 19 to 1πŸ˜… countries supported made me worry about the rest of my rewards and if I ever been able to withdraw them, then, after more than a year without never logging out the browser verification, I was suddenly disconnected from both the Gemini linked browsers. No need to say relink is no more possible, so I made a drastic decision and decided to connect my other profiles with an Uphold account. The result is that only the first 2 browsers released the tokens, the others went connected but the earnings inside just disappeared, only the last one give me 0.50 BAT from an expected of 13.50 BAT. This is becoming more frustrating than ever, I always defended Brave Team and supported the project, but taking away the option to withdraw the earnings to the rest of the world apart US is not a financial regulations issue, it’s simply unfair. By the way, I linked 72.25 BAT in Uphold, landed only 32.50. Uphold has nothing to do with this, so I raised a ticket support, if any mod is interested to help me the number is: 158360. I gave all the details (ID, amounts, etc), but feel free to ask me for everything else. Sorry but this was a bad move (the new restrictions, not my Uphold issue) and I can only say I’m really disappointed from Brave. Thank you.
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You are not alone. Many people are having troubles with Uphold today.
I hope Brave support are able to react quickly to yours and other’s troubles.

I’m not alone and this is only worse for the team, the disappointment grows up in users and many roll back to other browser solutions, not for the quality of the software, but for unfulfilled promises.

Hi @miho171, reviewing your case. Thank you.

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Thanks for looking in, @steeven

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