If the regular version of Brave is set as the default browser application for the OS, it will disable that setting on its own.

I’ve always found Brave useful.

I have selected Brave as the default browser app in Android OS.
But after a while, the setting is deactivated and the default browser app becomes “not selected”.

At that time, Brave will disappear from the browser app list and you will not be able to select it.
You can’t select it. Once I launch Brave, it appears again in the list of choices and I can select it, but even if I select it there, after a while the setting is removed and it disappears from the list of choices.


I have also installed
In the case of these two, once I set the default
In the case of these two, once I set them as the default, they did not disappear from the default browser app list without my permission.

In these two cases, for some reason, they don’t accept password input from Microsoft’s Authenticator.
I really need to use the regular Brave.
Have you heard of the same symptoms as mine?
Is there any solution?

Brave is the only browser app that is installed on the device.
I have uninstalled and reinstalled Brave.
I’ve also tried initializing the smartphone.
This symptom is still occurring.

Usage Environment
S21 Ultra 5G (SM-G9980)
Android 11
Brave Ver.1.30.87

Thank you very much.

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