Brave remains the default browser after setting another browser as the default

Brave version: 1.42.97
Phone: Google Pixel 6 running Android 13 (but the problem was also present in Android 12)

If I set Brave to be my default browser, it becomes semi “sticky” and selectively continues to be the sometimes-default even if I later choose another browser as the default. For example Brave continues to be my default browser (even if it not setup as such in settings) in Twitter app Tweets which have links to web pages. However links from the Google feed do go to the newly set default browser or brings up the list of browsers if a default isn’t set. I’ve also seen this incorrect behavior in links from other apps. The only way of removing Brave as the default in all applications is to delete Brave from your system and then reinstall it.

This problem may be related to an entry for Brave missing in: Settings/Apps/Defaults Apps/Opening Links. This is the place you go to reset a particular application from opening specific links and without an entry for Brave in this list, it seems some residual links to Brave as the default are still in place.

This screenshot shows that an entry for Brave is missing in the Opening links setting:

As an example, this is the entry for Firefox which does appear in the list. In general the only way to reset the default browser to “none” is to select “Clear default preferences” on a page like this which is absent for Brave. You’d think that selecting Firefox and then clearing it would solve the problem (and settings does show “none” as the default browser), but links from some apps still automatically open in Brave as if the default was never cleared.

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