Changing default browser

Despite changing the default browser app from settings, brave is working as the default browser. Tried restarting the device and force stopping brave but none of the measures worked.

Hey ombashu11,

I tried switching my default browser to Chrome, and it seemed to work, at least in the one I tried instance. I need you to give me some more info.

  1. What Android device are you on?
  2. Are you up-to-date?


If this is still giving you issues, would you mind uninstalling and reinstalling Brave to see if that fixes your issue?

@Adrian_02 I will end up losing the BAT if I uninstall it. This idea already came to my mind before.

Instead of changing the Default Browser from settings,
Delete and re-download the “Bromite” app from the play store.
Then ask one friend to send a link to your Whatsapp. Then you click on that link and when it asks for a Browser, just click on Bromite and select “Always use this app” option.


I wonder why it didn’t click to me. But thanks anyway @ItzMeRajat.
What could be a possible reason for the issue as I never saw such issues before with any other type of apps? Whether due to system or just brave

I actually don’t know the issue… I just thought deleting Bromite would do something… So I had asked that… :slight_smile:

Glad it Helped!

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