I18N appearing everywhere in my wallet/reward tab, really wierd please help

I18N appearing everywhere in my wallet/reward tab! should I be worried? Attaching pictures.Snip20201214_1 Snip20201214_2

Can you please tell me what version of Brave you’re using, as well as which Operating System?

Brave Version 1.18.70, the latest update i’m pretty sure.

As for Operating system i’m using a macOS: 10.13.6.

Thanks for your quick response.

Should I be worried or take any actions?

Looks like a translation issue – I’m reaching out to see if we have other reports of this or not. Appreciate your patience.

Thanks I appreciate it!

Can you try re-running the installer (you can re-download it from brave.com if you’ve deleted it) again and see if this resolves the issue? Note that you do not have to un-install, nor will running the installer overwrite any of your data.

Tried it a couple of times, nothing happened. Still looks the same.

Same problem here. Language is Dutch. Running on Mac.

Both version 1.18.70 and 1.19.57 have the same issue.

Not ok. I cannot imagine this is hard to solve.

Same problem here with German language on Brave 1.18.70 on Windows 10.

It appears we actually have an open issue for this that another user has reported:

One of our devs has commented on the issue:

If you have a moment to check, is there a folder with your locale under /Applications/Brave\ Browser.app/Contents/Frameworks/Brave\ Browser\ Framework.framework/Versions/ , and if so, does it contain a messages.json file?

Can everyone here also check that directory and confirm whether or not it contains the messages.json file?

Yep, the message.json is there:


Same here, it’s there.

Would one or both of you mind sharing the contents of the file with me so that we can compare it to the default file? I want to ensure the file is corrupted. You can do this buy:

  1. Copy/pasting all the contents into a reply here (not recommended)
  2. Uploading the file directly using the following button in the ribbon:

Note that there is not sensitive or private information in this file – it is/should be the same for everyone who downloads the browser.

Hi @Mattches, I tried to upload the file but there seems to be a restriction of the file format so that I saved the file as a txt-file to upload it. I hope you can work with it:
messages.json.txt (23.0 KB)

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Thank you everyone. The team is now aware of the situation and is working on a fix to include in the next update. Appreciate everyone’s patience.


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