I want to see the FULL URL in the Address bar. Omnibox Options Missing in Brave://Flags

Omnibox Hide Steady state URL Option(s) Missing entirely under Brave://Flags…HELP!


Unfortunately this particular change was removed upstream. I pinged a few team members to see if we have any plans to “put back” this flag.

How about tell them to just STOP the “Hiding” ALTOGETHER??? It’s one of the MOST hated changes EVER made! WHY Conceal such a Thing???

When I say this was removed “upstream”, this means that it was removed from one of the recent Chromium updates. That is, we did not remove it – it was removed from the Chromium engine upstream, before being pushed into our Brave builds.

As I said previously, I’ve reached out to the team to see what we can do about getting this particular option reintegrated into the browser.
Appreciate your patience.


I’m glad to hear it’s being worked on, just chiming in to say that not having an option at all is an absolute dealbreaker for many people, myself included.


Good choice of words…“DEAL-BREAKER”. Slimjet still offers the solution. But we shouldn’t even have to “Change” it. It should be set to show the Full URL by “Default”.

I have to use several sites that vary by just a zip code in the middle of the address. Hiding the text and then showing it makes it unusuable. If another browser doesn’t have this bug, I’m using that one, not brave.

This is why the best solution is never to update. Get something working right and then never change it. Don’t use the latest Chrome.

It’s not a bug – please note my previous message:

This is inherently different from a “bug” that needs to be fixed and it certainly was out of our hands. I’ve submitted a request to the team to see if re-implementing this flag can be done. I appreciate everyone’s patience.

I appreciate your efforts.

I read and understand that it’s upstream. But it’s still a bug in chrome. The “it’s not a bug; it’s a feature” is the trope for these bugs. It doesn’t matter if google deliberately broke the software, it’s still a “an unexpected defect, fault, flaw, or imperfection” for the user.

It’s not a bug or a feature. Chromium flags get removed regularly – given that flags are experimental (which is why they’re hidden in the flags screen rather than setting). If this were a bug, it would imply that the flag is expected to be there (in Chrome/Chromium/Brave) – that is, it was not intentionally removed.

However, in this case, the flag was removed intentionally upstream. It’s not a bug that we inherited, its the fact that in the most recent Chromium update, the flag had been removed. So we wouldn’t be “fixing a bug” – we would be re-implementing a particular feature/flag that was intentionally removed.

Oh, please. Get over yourself.

WE EXPECT THIS FUNCTIONALITY. That’s why there’s this thread.

And it isn’t there now. It’s a defect, a flaw. It makes no difference if it’s in the flags or options or anywhere else. It doesn’t matter why the fault occurred. It doesn’t work the way it’s expected to work, and it’s a problem.

But hey, go ahead and get bent out of shape because someone said the word ‘bug.’ But since sclvnv recommended Slimjet, I’m using that now. It has bugs (God forbid!) of its own, but at least those bugs don’t make it unusable for me.

Enjoy! We hope to se you again sometime :slight_smile: