Cannot get full URL

Description of the issue:
I set the preference in Appearance to “Always show full URLs”, but I am not seeing that.
How can this issue be reproduced?

1.Open Preferences and choose Appearance
2.Enable “Always Show Full URLs”
3.Look at address bar for a site.

Expected result:
I expect the full address to be easy to read.
Brave Version( check About Brave):
Additional Information:
Most of the address is extremely difficult to read. I do not appreciate settings that do not work as expected.

Hello @Pseudococcus

could you send screen shoot of the address you see

and have a nice day

These are the images. One shows the address bar and the other the setting that is enabled. Whether that setting is enabled or not, I get the same result.

The option you’re showing will toggle on whether or not to always show the full URL or to cut it off. Note that if you click inside the address bar, the full address will show regardless of the toggled option.

It would be nice if Brave had the same option as Vivaldi, to show clearly the whole URL if the option is selected. I cannot read the grey text after the hostname, and having to select the address bar every time is a nuisance.

@Mattches i think he mean that he want the whole url be white or at least single color am i getting you right @Pseudococcus

From the images you’ve sent, I am seeing the entire URL in the address bar. Is the issue with the way the address bar is colored?

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I want the entire address to be easy to read. I have cataracts, and have trouble seeing things in low contrast.

This can be accomplished, but it involves modifying the manifest.json file and adding color settings for the omnibox (or adjusting the values if the omnibox options exist). This “option” requires the manual editing of a configuration file, and for most folks, won’t bother to choose this option : )

Here’s a screenshot of the json file in my editor - notice I’ve highlighted the omnibox foreground and background color entries

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Exactly where in the profile is that file? I did a search and there are a few dozen files with that name.
Why did you send an image with such low contrast between text and background? I had to enhance the contrast and enlarge it just to read it. I already mentioned that I have cataracts and they make seeing things in low contrast difficult.

I tried searching for “omnibox_background” in any file on my hard drive, and Easyfind could not find any file with that content. Are you sure that the Mac version of Brave contains that file?

Maybe I misunderstood. Did you mean that I should create that file myself? Where should I put it? Does it go into the root of “Brave Browser” in the profile or into one of its subdirectories?
I am not sure if the whole of the first few lines of the file is shown in the image. It looks as if part of the binary code is cut off. Will that mess up an icon if I miss some of the code?
Now that I think about that, why not just copy the file as text? It would be much easier if I could just copy it and put it into the profile without having to create it myself.

I give up. I cannot figure out where to put that manifest.json file. Exactly where in the profile does it go? There are a lot of subdirectories in there. Also, are there line feeds at the ends of the lines in the binary code or not? It is impossible to tell from the appearance of the image.

I had another thought that maybe you meant that I should have an extension called “Slate”, but the 2 I found did not seem to be relevant to my problem.

I’ll describe how I do it on my openSuse Tumbleweed Linux system … and I will demonstrate configuring the Nightly channel build of Brave (works for Dev and Release) - I mention this because you will see directory paths with “nightly” in them.

Obviously, if you’re using Mac or Windows, you’ll have to adjust the paths accordingly.

On my Linux system, configuration sub-directories and files for various apps are under the user’s “home” / “.config” sub-directory. For example

calder@ren:~/.config> pwd

Within this sub-directory is Brave’s top level subdir, BraveSoftware. So if you have multiple channels installed (Release, Nightly, Dev), there will be a corresponding subdir for each, under BraveSoftware.

calder@ren:~/.config> cd BraveSoftware/
calder@ren:~/.config/BraveSoftware> ls -1

Now let’s quickly find the file we want (searching for “manifest.json”)

calder@ren:~/.config/BraveSoftware/Brave-Browser-Nightly> find . -name manifest.json

./Profile 1/Extensions/inomeogfingihgjfjlpeplalcfajhgai/1.5_0/manifest.json

We can see there are quite a few *.json files. The one we want will be under the Extensions path. But then you say, "hey, I see two under Default and one under the Profile 1 path.

So we could actually execute a more narrow search, like (so we don’t have to deal with so many *.json file entries)

calder@ren:~/.config/BraveSoftware/Brave-Browser-Nightly> find ./Default -name manifest.json

This is the point where I mentioned, "most people won’t want to do this type of configuration modification. Anyway, so that first Extension entry - that is related to the Chrome Remote Desktop extension, so I will not modify it.

When I open the second Extensions *.json file (the one that has 2_0 in the pathname) that is the extension, or more specifically, the Theme I’m using (which is “Slate” - a dark theme). So that is the *.json file I will open with my Kate editor

calder@ren:~/.config/BraveSoftware/Brave-Browser-Nightly> kate ./Default/Extensions/cmhmcmgkegfffbbfobhjpdbimgmoohap/2_0/manifest.json

So now I am going to navigate my cursor within the “colors” section and insert these two entries

 "omnibox_background": [ 255, 255, 0 ],
 "omnibox_text": [ 0, 0, 0 ],

I inserted (as new line entries) AFTER the “ntp_text” entry and before the “tab_background_text” entries (cause I like things in alphabetical order). BTW, those colors are black on yellow background. Here’s the complete *.json

Okay, we’re not done yet.
Be sure Brave is not running.
In your text editor, select Save file, then close your editor if you wish.

Now, fire up Brave … we have a couple steps to “register” the changes.
Go to the URL

Be sure the Developer Mode toggle is ON (it’s on the far right side).
Then click on the Load unpacked button.


Use your system’s File browser to navigate to the subdirectory where the *.json file lives (only select the subdirectory) … so using my File browser, i will navigate to


and select it

Voilà !! Your omnibox is now colorized as you wish.

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Hello @caldercay

if you try to make him lost his way then congratulations lool

thanks for that but my extensions folder does not have any folder or folder inside

iam centos linux and using the release version

i used grep to find it then i found the omnibox in 2 files one under tor folder and another one under serviceworker

but it’s the one under the service workers

.config/BraveSoftware/Brave-Browser/Default/Service Worker/CacheStorage/7e93eb55c53a2e3fcdacde65061025d14914527c/e63531de-612a-4d83-8231-2f2fab86436b
and file name was 6b871eeb96d9341f_0 and it was without any extension

so not sure if there some random factor here related to folder names and files name or what

all the manifest.json does not have anything include omnibox

thanks again for the details and have a nice day

Interesting … i have a CentOS box and will check it out.

BTW, the “storage worker” subdir is for sites you visit - data is saved in those subdir for caching, so load times are faster … you might find scripts, and HTML, stylesheets, and other types of data.

EDIT … BTW, what “desktop” are you running on CentOS … GNOME?

yep gnome and centos 8.2

That does not work. Everything after the hostname in the URL bar is still hard to read. I went with the theme Carbon Blackout instead of Slate because that theme makes the toolbar navigation buttons easy to see and Slate does not. Would an opacity setting for the omnibox work?

Transparency code in the color setting does not work.
I initially stuck with the white on black, but black on yellow being greyed out is easier to read, so I am now using that. Thanks for your efforts. I have learned something about themes.

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