Copying link from address bar


How are you dong?

So I assume this is due to the last update. I’ll have to reboot again to see if that fixes it, but when I first started with Brave you had to double or triple click to get the full address.

Then you guys changed it which was great, & now I’m back to not getting that so whatever I past isn’t clickable & I have go back & click over & over to get the full address…

Is it supposed to be like that & if yes, can you change it back?


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If you go to Menu → Settings → Appearance you should see an option to Always show Full URLs. Toggle it “on” and you should be good to go :slight_smile: :

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Oh thank you. I had no clue.

Whenever I do an update, does it revert back to being turned off?

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No it shouldn’t change back – all of your settings should persists across updates

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