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I have tried to have the Brave browser display the full URL but what I have found as solutions seems to be outdated for example brave://flags. I search for them and there is none of the following:

To clarify I just want the full URL displayed by default without having to go into the search bar and double click it. The abbreviation is very annoying. I must be missing something.

Any help would be appreciated.


Mac OS 10.14.6
Bave Version 0.70.121 Chromium: 78.0.3904.70 (Official Build) (64-bit)


Thank you for reaching out.
After some digging, it seems as though these flags have been removed from the Chromium backend entirely. At this time there doesn’t seem to be a way to work around this but I’ll make sure to bring this up to the team – I’ve had lots of people ask how to show the full URL and subsequently used the flags you listed to do so.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

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Thanks a million for the quick response! I’ll leave it with you so.

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i did this in a previous release on chrome it worked but as stated above i can only find GitHub issues on it
and brave does display the full url though it does not include a prefix like http or else
It is good as it allows for more text of the url be visible in the url bar

I disagree. Not displaying https:// or http:// I consider an issue as a web developer. Those are in itself integral parts of a full URL.

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agree to it too but there isn’t a way around this
fingers crossed for a fix :slight_smile:

Ha ha
patience and persistence
Is the way to go !

Agreed. And I got this to work a while ago. The changes stayed… but I can’t see or remember how I did it. I think it had to do with an extensions, and launching Brave with the command line flag --extensions-on-chrome-urls
I’ll keep looking.



ofcourse keep looking !
brave may eventually develop a vaccine for the epidemic
Let’s find the cure. :wink:

I found by entering this into the omnibar…
…there is an entry therein:

"browser": {
      "enabled_labs_experiments": [ "extensions-on-chrome-urls", "omnibox-ui-hide-steady-state-url-scheme@2", "omnibox-ui-hide-steady-state-url-trivial-subdomains@2" ],
      "last_redirect_origin": ""

So perhaps you can manually enter those elements and restart brave? I don’t know where you’d find that file or data in order to enter them manually.

Another update… the file, on Mac anyway, is here: /Users/Jules/Library/Application Support/BraveSoftware/Brave-Browser/Local State.
I suggest quitting the browser and making a backup of that file before editing that file.

I got the hint from:

Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Local State

cannot get through this as of latest updates removing things
i am on it will discuss it here sooner.:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I been sort of annoyed by this as well. Glad to hear that the team will hear about it and hopefully fix it. I also think that the http/https is a part of the URL so not having it strange. Not sure why someone would remove that to begin with.

I don’t see any purpose to hide it either. Maybe to simplify the url for those unfamiliar. But still, it’s an odd lack of transparency.

I didn’t mind not seeing the protocol since the lock icon conveys the same message. It’s the ‘trivial’ subdomain removal that got me. Next would removing everything but the domain name, which is default behavior in Safari.

@Deirdre have you tried my fix above? Did it work?

Aye, I know the wee lock icon but when you are developing I prefer seeing the details as well… Not that the icon isn’t just as relevant. The ‘!’ when you push a website from local development to alert you of mixed content is certainly useful. Safari doesn’t even have favicons nor is it anywhere near secure. Removing the subdomain is just a nuisance.

I have just tried adding the flags manually to the config file ‘Local State’ and upon opening the browser they get removed, also the ‘–extensions-on-chrome-urls’ launch flag is deemed to be un-supported and a security risk by the browser

is there any update from the brave team on when this will be sorted out?

Now that Google Chrome (M79) has completely removed any option to show the full URL, I have decided to install Brave and to give it a try. Unfortunately, Brave seems to do exactly the same. There is no way to display the full URL.

I will uninstall Brave again, but I’m happy to come back if you change this and allow us to actively show the full URL at all times.

Is there a way to vote for this for attention from the Dev team?

It’s really very clear: Brave is about transparency, and hiding “https://www” is not transparency.

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