Rewards 10.3 BAT

Hello, I should have received 10.3 BAT today as written but now I just saw that the date to change for July 6 why? I received this yesterday I don’t understand.
Thank you in advance for your answer

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I’m having the exact problem.
Let’s post on the main topic where other people in the community are posting about this.

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I have the same problem

Likewise. Awards are well below expected.

I’m having the exact problem.Captura

most portals process applications manually. Looking for incompatibilities, hackers etc. I don’t know how brave support, but thanks for all the accomplishments. :skull:

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Exact Same Problem!
I was expecting a payment in my uphold today. (JUNE 6)
Instead the date switched over to JULY 6th.
Brave Support, please help ASAP.

I am not received reward which my friends are sending to me, please help

Hi, how are you? You received your monthly payment?

To the Brave developers: maybe think about adding a help/info bubble to the payment date line and explain that payouts are starting on the 5th and trickling in in the following days? This would allow people to set their expectations straight and would help to reduce the number of support questions… just an idea to make everyones life easier… :slight_smile:

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therefore concerning the payment of June will be made today. You think? Because I just saw that it is written August now for me?

Hello friend, I’m good thanks, hope you are good too. Well… I still haven’t receive the rewards, I’m hoping it will go through today. I spoke to @steeven I think the issue was cleared.

I’m fine thank you, I’m waiting for the payment in June but that to change in August is normal, isn’t it? I find it hard to understand the thing :sweat_smile:

That’s normal Friend, Date will always change to the 6th on the 6th. @SantaMuerte

I’m waiting for @eljuno to close this topic and mark as duplicate for this thread.

Thank you very much for your answer, this will avoid me asking the same question over and over again. :joy: I wish you a good day or night. thanks again

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You are welcome :slightly_smiling_face:, have a great day too friend.

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