My 10 BATs are gone

My November rewards were supposed to arrive in 2 days but today I opened the browser and didn’t see my expected November earnings, I was down to 10BATs I wanted to know where did they go?

@ouTz Please make sure to search for similar topics before posting in the future. I’ve already answered at least 5 people in just a matter of 2 hours on this. It gets annoying.

Also, if you don’t understand much on Brave, you may benefit from reading through an FAQ I created earlier this year. You can see that at PSA: User FAQ - Support & Answers

Ok thanks, sorry for the inconvenience


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You’re good. Pardon my venting. I’m another User who spends a lot of time helping people here. Sometimes it can be a bit annoying/frustrating as people come in and post without searching first, especially as we end up having to continually repeat ourselves. As I’m not paid for this and not an employee, every once in a while I just kindly try to ask people to help out by trying to reduce duplicate issues.



Amen brother! You know you are appreciated!

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