I'm not getting money for Brave ads

Hey, for a month i haven’t getting BAT’s from ads even though they are displayed.

Hi, @Daniulek, do you use a VPN?

Also, could you provide more details, such as your browser build/ version, your OS?

I dont use any VPN :confused:

I using windows 10 Pro. My browser version is “1.23.73 Chromium: 90.0.4430.85 (Official) (64-bit)”

Okay… let’s check if you have any other activities going on that might be affecting you. Scroll mid-way down the page and read through the chart…

…make sure you are not doing any of the activities listed.

You should also know that the Rewards counter isn’t reliable right now. Support is working on the issue…

…so it’s best not to stare too hard at the numbers right now.

How can i check if my wallet were marked as fraudulent?
This could be it because I used to refresh the start page to get my favorite background.

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