I still have not received October Payout and ads no longer running…

I have been posting on here all November about this issue. It appears I am not the only one affected by this.

Im running the latest version of Brave on the latest version of Mac OS. Gemini wallet verified too.

Still waiting for a solution/fix if any from someone on the Brave team…

I have been using Brave for years now and I have never experienced something like this. Why has this not been addressed and solved?


Hello, multiple wallets have been flagged and there is no coming back from that i was told by one of the staff members. It is really suspicious that now that the coin is worth a lot more they suddenly ban users’ wallets. I lost 20 BAT because of that.


If what you are saying is true, than their project should go to $0. That would be unethical f’d up. Especially with the price spiking rn makes it seem extremely suspicious….

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I don’t know if it’s intentional, but it clearly happend to thousands. A staff member replied this, I made a post about it, and it got unlisted (so no one could see it). It felt really wrong but there is nothing I could do.

I am here from the start of the year, the first time I lost 10 BATS (totally my fault, I wiped the hard disk) and the second time this happend with 9.89 BAT lol. I feel horrible.

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Will anyone from the Brave team address this? This is actually frustrating that they’re ignoring an issue that is being experienced by multiple users…

Same here… all those flagged wallets and lost BAT and all of a sudden BAT is going parabolic while the whole market is down.

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They obviously are pulling some shady stuff. The price goes parabolic and tons of users stop receiving payouts and ads all together…

I don’t see how my wallet could possibly be flagged. I hope its just a bug or something but the lack of response from internal team + price spike in $BAT token = Super Shady / Bad for Reputation / Lack of Trust

i asked why was my wallet flagged because i just use the browser normally, and would like to avoid this happening again but never got responses.

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I’ve also stopped receiving ads the last few days, although I’ve never verified my wallet through Uphold or Gemini. It’s still very frustrating knowing shady **** like this is going on and I will never be able to access my BAT…

There needs to be a public thread so the issue can be in a centralized discussion… there’s been HUNDREDS of people with this problem clearly based on the threads created in the past two weeks (including myself). Like many of you, I also DM’d the Brave staff as they requested but apart from being asked for a wallet address, they have no even told me what the issue is.

Best course of action is to continue making threads about it until it is addressed by the STAFF. Should they decide that it’s not a topic worthy of discussion here and decide to delete it, I’m sure the subreddit would more than love to hear about it.


Same issue here, almost a month now no ads and payout. Only my android device continues to have ads. Although desktop notifications tested to work, I reckon mine’s been flagged like many other users.

Why did I have a period of time in history and was not credited bat?
where to find wallet id? To identify yourself.

You can find wallet id in brave://rewards-internals.

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Duplicate. Addressed OP in other topic and DM.