Still no ads since 11/08 and no October payout


Using Brave on Mac OS. Posted on here earlier this week about ads not popping up since 11/08/21 and have not received October payout (Gemini wallet).


I have the same problem as you and have sent dm to the admin but they still don’t respond to solve



I have the same problem as you: no october payout (wallet not verified) and no ads since a few days :frowning:

As you can imagine there are hundreds if not thousands of people having similar issues. It takes time…
They are only a small team, unfortunately.

I have been waiting myself already over 1 week. But complaining and pressuring them is not going to solve anything faster.

But this is the same thread owner of the other thread that was closed and hidden.

Steeve, acted like it was resolved by his comment to me.

I don’t have ads since August. So you are lucky. Brave team knows about this issue but obviously unable to solve it: No payout, no ads, next payment in October?


Still not resolved. Hopefully gets fixed soon. Thanks.

Still no ads since 11/08/21 and still no payout from October…

I just got three months of BAT collected at once. Looks like the issues are resolved for my account. Hope your’s is soon as well.

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