Okay i'm having problem

HI,i’m gonna go to the point,
i sent Eth OP Mainnet from ByBit but it never arrived what should i do?

@Shubhuuuu Saying you sent to Brave Wallet? Main thing you need to do is check your tx, does it show complete or didn’t go through? If you didn’t get the appropriate amount of gas, it’s possible to be floating around.

If tx shows it arrived, then it might just be that you don’t have the assets visible. Without you providing any personal information, can you try to give a bit more detail on what you did and where you tried sending to?

so, i sent ETH from Binance via arb1 network Txn says its all good you can check here (https://arbiscan.io/address/0x006dcfe907ac778046dbbbd8a3dd7f3a34924014)

hi so, here are the hash https://arbiscan.io/tx/0x370d4ed813570c3c6248fe5d00ac7994d327f644bbfeaf4aaa5d55962e13470c you can check, the protocol is ARB ONE

The hash link you posted was to an Arbitrum transaction. Do you have the Arbitrum chain added to your networks list?

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