I removed Brave because of Dashboard

Although I really liked Brave Browser I have decided to remove it. The dashboard on every new TAB is an absolute NO GO and constant irritation. Please, get rid of it now!

Thanks for the support! I do not see how this dashboard, results in a succesfull business model. Everything that is forced in my face is annoying. Annoying products are doomed to fail.

I don,t understand your problem. Care to elaborate? You can turn if off you know…That new tab dashboard is completely optional. Why is this a deal breaker?

Im thinking to get rid of it too. it’s been 3 months and counting and I haven’t receive a SINGLE ad. it’s getting frustrated.

Hi, I am always willing to elaborate. I can adjust just it, but not remove it. I have been trying for an hour. I could not find an option to remove it

You can’t @roerdomp. If you want, you can install an extension to override Brave’s NTP.

thanks…what is the extension?

go to flags. search for ‘new tab’ . depending on your build you could change the settings for the local NTP…but from the customization menu you just get a blank page .the most you’re gonna get is a blank page

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