Dashboard and initial feedback

Hi all

I am new to Brave and wish to thank all the developers. I have been a long term user of Firefox and despite having a fairly decent machine, Firefox has become too resource hungry and causes my PC to lag - almost as much as the miners in bit torrent…!

I like to have my home page (D.D.G.) on every new tab I open and whilst it appears that most people prefer the dashboard, I don’t.

I’m stuck in my ways, I have searched the settings but haven’t succeeded in figuring out how to make the dashboard less prominent.

The other thing that is important to me is the performance of my PC - I do a lot of graphics and 4K editing and the speed of my browser is not so relevant for me as it perhaps is for others.

My request for help is along these lines.

  1. How do I get my home page to open in every new tab - instead of the dashboard. Do I need a plugin for that? - I don’t like them much, not so secure in my opinion.

  2. Is there any setting that enables me to limit the number of instances (via task manager)that Brave opens up of itself - with the aim of slowing the browser down and being less resource hungry?

I’m not a coder, but I figure that since the number of instances of (Chrome, Firefox etc) is not dependent on the number of tabs that are open (generally more…) that they have something to do with the speed of the browser - they certainly use more resources.

Again, thanks for taking this initiative.

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