Sites not loading

Unable to load any websites, just a blank purple screen. Any idea how to fix this?

Edit* Sorry, I should also mention, I’ve reinstalled multiple times, restarted my PC, whitelisted Brave on my antiviruses, and nothing won’t load. Google Chrome works just fine, unsure why Brave doesn’t work.

If you cleared cookie and cache, would it help? Do you have 3rd-party firewall enabled?

Even settings don’t seem to function correctly. This is all I see from any page I try to load.

I do have BitDefender. Although I’ve turned that off before reinstalling Brave, and still doesn’t seem to work. Unsure what I’m doing wrong.

Does the same thing occur if you install Brave Beta?

Yeah Brave Beta works just fine surprisingly. Not sure why the normal version of Brave isn’t working for me.

Not sure, You could try clearing out the Brave folder (will remove any bookmarks/cookies/any data in Brave etc,. warning.)

Just Delete "Brave-Browser" Folder, then re-launch Brave.

Might be also related?

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