I really need halp :/ 2Fa Google Auth mobile lost

My email account on brave publishers is darkalfa@gmail.com but I lost my phone and Google Auth 6 digits was enabled, I cant login anymore, can you guys please disable the 2FA Auth so I can log in and re enable security? Thanks in advance, I really feel bad please help me :frowning:

Hi @darkalfa, isn’t it possible to install Google Auth again on different device to receive the code?

Although, cc @nvonpentz and @LaurenWags for help.

Did you save your phone number on Google? if you saved, Can you get a new sim card from your mobile operator? (No need to change number)

  • I recommend using a password manager(bitwarden or lastpass) but never forget this password. (I’m using bitwarden) and you can save here passwords and recovery keys.

  • While scanning the QR code with the phone, copy the recovery key (as E8YTJ4H54QT) on the screen and paste to the password manager, and save.

  • You can now recover your account, if you lose your authenticator.

Hi @darkalfa

We’ll help you through this :slight_smile: Development is taking a look now. Your channels and referrals will not be lost.


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