I need to see 40+ ads to earn a single BAT since the last update

@tmancey @sampson no answer about :

guys it’s not cool! no transparency for changing

you are very lucky because you still get ads, i did’t get ads anymore, good update for BRAVE ?

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I totally agree! :lol:

haha I think your’re kidding!

0.05USD maybe a bad joke

or this one :

53 rewards for 0.23 $…

and still no anwsers from persons in charge of solving the problem…

@Dane11 0,23 per month is ridiculous/nothing

We’re investigating this matter on our end. Thank you again for the report, @hihouhou. While some users will indeed tend to see 0.01 BAT per ad (depending on their region), we aim to make sure this is not brushed aside as a non-issue. We’re looking into this presently.


on my laptop linux (up to date)…


@sampson @tmancey any news?

Same here. I’m a new Brave user( joined 10 days ago). But my estimated reward is 0.000 BAT till now.
It has not increased a little. I use Brave in my mobile and tablet. So, there should not be any problem with my device. Have received 8-10 notification advertisement. Here is the screenshot of the situation-