I need the ability to uncheck brave being my default opening for .pdf files

I need to be able to uncheck Brave as my default for .pdf
The box is greyed out in Windows explorer, please advise…

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Okay I don’t have time to figure out what I did wrong, but in windows explorer when I set defaults, the brave stuff is all checked and I cannot uncheck it in Windows…
What am I missing?

Is Brave set as your default browser? Additionally, do you have any other applications that can open/view pdfs on your machine?

Yes brave is my default browser and I have 3x different PDF applications from Adobe, to summatra, to PDF creator, the issue is I can’t tell brave to leave my PDF files alone

Can I ask which method you’re using to set the default browser? Are you going to System --> Default Apps --> Default apps by file type?

What OS are you using - Windows? If so, which version?

It sounds like you need to re-associate PDF files to one of your PDF applications - but the process of doing this is dependent on your OS version.

I am using Windows 7 still because I have to. When I try to associate pdf files through windows brave has it on lock down it’s greyed out and I cannot uncheck the box for off files for brave this it’s not letting me associate my other off viewers to the file(s)

Is this the method you are trying to use:


You can also go into Explorer - find a PDF file, right-click on it, select ‘Open With’, then choose ‘Choose another app’. This will give you a list of other applications you can use to open the PDF file - you can even browse for a specific application - but most importantly - there is an option in this menu to ‘Always use this app to open PDF files’ - check this box to re-associate the file type to the application of choice.

See if one of these methods works.

If the options in the last post do not work - you can try this:


This basically resets the registry entry for the selected file type. So, follow the instructions and use the one for PDF. As is says - it will reset it to nothing. But, instead of re-installing your PDF applications - you should then be able to follow the previous post method to re-associate the application of choice to PDF file types. The link in this is not my soltution - but one found that is supposed to take care of your scenario where the option to re-associate a file type is grayed out.

This is a registry editing method. So, please do it at your own risk. I would recommend backing up your registry to be safe. But it sounds like a probable solution.

I figured out a workaround with it, couldn’t do it through the browser itself but used the software itself to override Brave.

Nobody is going to murder you for using your free upgrade to Windows 10. You’re not getting feature updates anymore and in about six months you’re going to stop getting security updates too. I cannot fathom why people pretend they can’t upgrade their machines.

My software for work does not work on windows 10… If you’ve read my earlier posts you may have saved a lot of time writing your response…

You have never posted anything to this forum describing software you use that doesn’t work on Windows 10. I’d be astonished to find you’re correct that the software in question doesn’t support Windows 10, so what software is it?

Then be astonished I’m not inept with computers either…

I suggest you update to a supported system and run either a virtual machine or DOSBox.

Close this thread…

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