I need help with my browser and search function

My issue: Each time that i have to search for whatever thing with google as search engine, a black screen pops and then it shows what i searched. It can last seconds or barely nothing.
Here is a gif demostrating it:

When i change the engine to Brave for example it doesn’t happen. I tried other browsers and google gives me the same problem, but not Edge for example. I changed DNS, i disabled and enable hardware acceleration, i reinstall my gpu drivers, and nothing seems to fix it. I sincerely don’t know what to do, and it’s getting frustrating. Thanks in advance.

My first guess would be a malicious extension, or some kind of malicious proxying software on your PC.

Can you try disabling all extensions and see if it still happens? And if it does, try creating a new profile and test, does it happen in the new profile?

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I tried removing all extensions and it didn’t work. I’m gonna create a new profile and see, thank you!

It just keeps happening, thanks for the advice tho.

Initially i thought it might be due to dark reader add on. I installed the add on in my Brave and checked. There is no time lag as yours. Not sure what is going on.
Can you change to other search engine and try google search with short cut and see whether it does the same thing?
@Mattches can you help?

NP, however take note of the other possibility I mentioned, “malicious proxying software.”

What version of Windows are you on?

Do you have automatic updates enabled? Do you have antivirus software installed?

I have an antivirus, and i’m in Windows 10. I’m gonna check my updates tho, thanks again!

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