Google Search goes blank

When I look on Google to search, I can see the search results only for a few seconds, then it goes blank. I just created this account on Brave to see if it was that and it’s not. Logged in or not it goes blank. It is VERY frustrating! Yesterday sent an email reporting it but no reply at all… If this persists I will stop using brave.

I have done all suggestions I’ve read here but non work! it seems like the problem is on your side!

**Does the site work as expected when using Chrome? YES

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So I did some digging using Dev Tools and found this line of code

   <style type="text/css">body{opacity: 0;} .ads-ad,.ads-fr,#tads{display: none !important;}</style>

That when removed, everything appeared. Is this some sort of adblock detector? like when an ad isn’t blocked, this line of code will not work or something?

Unlikely an antiadblock, probably an extension causing issues. Would test in private window mode.

Already tested it in private window mode and guest profile but still the same, and I’ve also read about others creating a new profile fixing the issue for only about 3 days. For now I’m gonna use a workaround with userscripts to remove that line of code each search

So, still no update about this issue?

I’ve tried everything and still google search does not work on Brave

Can anyone here encountering this please go to, open the developer tools console window (Menu --> More tools --> Dev tools --> [Console]), then perform a search and once the screen goes blank, share any output that appears in the console window with me here so we can get a closer look?

It is worth noting that this is likely not a widespread issue, I’m able to search on Google in Brave on my macOS, Windows 10, Android and iOS devices without any issue.

On the contrary, I think this issue is widespread… I’ve found many complains about this issue:

That is why I said I’ve tried all possible “solutions” given online…

Thank you!

Yup, the previous video posted was mine BTW on YT and on its description links the original thread that is already closed since I gave up at that time and moved to firefox, but I went to try Brave (AGAIN) and annoyed me, while also getting a notification on that video about someone with the same issue.

I did as you asked:

As you can seethere are several errors, even when opening Google before the search, and after the search and everything going blank they KEEP bumping but since you only see a blank page you can’t notice them if the console is closed.

As many stated before, it happens anyway on Private Window, there is not an Extension related issue, I have 4 only and disabled all of them. Creating a new profile kind of “solve” it temporarily so I would assume there could be a cache file related to it but used over the private windows anyway.

I know Google isn’t the best for search, but it has most of the useful results for many things so I keep using it as the search engine unless I want something specific and go for others.
The lead about the line causing the issue is quite interesting so I hope you take that piece of information given by Zer01 and please search on it.

I have logged this issue for the developers to review:

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To follow-up, here’s the userscript I used with tampermonkey to workaround this issue. Works for now

(function() {
    'use strict';
    Array.from(document.getElementsByTagName('style')).forEach(s => s.innerHTML.indexOf("body{opacity: 0;}") != -1 ? s.innerHTML = "" : null);

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