Google black screen and youtube looking weird

**Description of the issue: So its been about a month or so since this bug has occured to me and its been really anoying, everytime a go onto google and search something up, the search results show but then like 5 seconds later the screen just shows nothing, blank, its been like that with the images too where i click an image and then it shows a blank screen, i have to reload the page and then it shows up. with youtube is something else i search something on youtebe and the video thumbnails show up in a weird way like its kinda centered. i have tried uninstalling a reinstalling the browser and the issue persist i have also tried clearing up the cache and no luck. any way to fix this? Im on windows 10

**Brave Version( check About Brave): v1.50.121

Additional Information: here are some images to let you guys know exactly what im talking about:

Could you try in a private window or a new profile ?

Hi there thanks for the reply, so on a new profile and on incognito, Google doesn’t disappear after 5 seconds but the images I still have to reload the page after clicking them, YouTube is the same on both with the thumbnails, being on the very right of the screen as shown on the image.

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