Added duckduckgo as search and then black screen

added duckduckgo as search and then nothning

5 or 6 uninstal & re-install but white screen or black screen

waiting for page (hours) lots of re-instal

last release downloaded 8may2019

even when i re-instal the browser rember my customs, so duckduckgo as search still added and nothing can work.

Sorry could you send a screenshot or a gif of the problem. The description is not to easy to follow or replicate

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@mouad Thanks for reporting. On which platform are you seeing this issue? If you are able to reproduce the issue consistently, can you please provide the steps? so that i can try out from my end.


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first i appreciate :grinning: the community help, so thank you.
i have win7 64. i have downloaded brave and it worked very good but i start to customize and i set up duckduck.go for searching engine. when i restart browser, white screen (have chosen black theme so when i click on browser it becomes black) I’ve uninstall and re-install many times but its like the browser have the same seething i have put and the most strange is that i have installed it on another computer (win7-64) and same things.

Can you take a look at this thread here and see if applying the solution there resolves your issue?

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Thank you for your help, i just as on the topic you sent me but really sorry i didn’t understand there is so much reply. also tx, now i have uninstall brave, delete from register and restart win7 as admin (always admin on it) and reinstall, that s the little beat i understand from the topic, but thank you

Taken from the thread linked above – these are the steps you should be following to resolve the issue:

ok i m going to follow those steps but before i’d like to thank you for your help. i read on post that so many time you apologize for each or each reason, i want to tell you that you really dont have to cause you are doing it well. thanx again

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finally done, it works good, thank you, merci, شكرا (choukran, tx in arabic)