I haven't received Brave Reward

When will I get Brave Rewards? I haven’t received it yet.
Please, help

When will I get the Rewards I used for the whole month?

Can you elaborate more about your question?

Monthly Bat Rewards i.e 100 BAT not received …

Which BAT? Are you asking as creators.brave.com or user (about ads earning)?

Free token monthly not received …

Ah. Got it.

  • You not get BAT by simply downloading and using BAT
  • The only way for users to earn BAT is by opt-in to Brave Ads in brave:rewards
  • And it’s been months since the last free grants.

So, when i received this Free token grants notification ??

Free grants is issued by Brave in the early days so users can try the Rewards system. And since Brave Ads is now growing, it seems like there’ll be no free grants. Because users now able to earn BAT from Brave Ads.

I m using brave browser 1 months over to go … but not received free token notifications …

ohhh okkk … Then the income from brave browser decreased a lot because of no grants …

Me too - it asked me to drag a BAT icon into a circle to confirm my payout.

I feel the team should post more information at the top of the page to reassure people their use of the brave browser! See my screenshot - it says the BAT tokens are there, yet they’ve suddenly disappeared in their capability to withdraw these funds into my uphold wallet

Screenshot 2020-05-07 at 19.00.04|690x350

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