Didn't receive bat rewards for almost 2 months

No rewards for 2 months of using brave, I have a verified uphold linked on my brave reward account, youtube channel (verified),every single day I use brave browser and set it as default.

Version : 7.1 (rooted)

@M.kimmn04 did you asking as publisher or user?

You not get BAT by simply downloading and using Brave.

  • Sometimes there’s a grants that you can claim,
  • or opt-in to earn from Brave Ads – available on desktop (mobile support is coming) for supported regions,
  • or you can add your own funds.


  • You can receive BAT from Brave user contribution through Brave Rewards
  • or from referral program


Me too 0 BAT pending Payouts being a publisher my Uphold was verified since june 18

Are you expecting there to be a higher payout because you know that you should have received tips, or because you successfully referred users with your referral link?