Thank you for the Brave browser!

I’d like to thank whole Brave browser development team for creating - what is in my opinion - the best web browser for general use!

After using various browsers over the past 21 years - including “ancient” like Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer, niche/less popular like Opera, Tor (this one holds the third place) and recent Mullvad browser (and this one is on the second place), popular alternative - the Firefox and of course browsers that are privacy nightmares like Chrome, Edge and Vivaldi - I’ve finally settled on the Brave.

Brave browser gives me the comfort of maximum security and privacy while also being the fastest. It’s easily number one!

Once again, thank you for the Brave browser!

Other browsers worthy of use:

  • Mullvad browser - if you want an alternative to Chromium-based browser or Blink rendering engine while preserving high level of privacy, security and speed (
  • Tor browser - undeniably unbeatable if you want highest anonymity without switching to systems like Whonix or Tails (

I’d also like to mention few other open source tools & services which I use daily, that contribute to safer, more private and faster user experience on computers:

  • Portmaster - powerful firewall with built-in Tor network-based, VPN-like network traffic routing system and few other security and privacy features (
  • KeePassXC - trustful offline password manager (
  • Fedora - modern, fast, private and secure Linux-based operating system with large user base and high compatibility (
  • Proton VPN - free and paid secure and private zero-knowledge end-to-end encrypted VPN service with WireGuard and Stealth protocols (
  • Proton Mail - modern zero-knowledge end-to-end encrypted email service with top-notch privacy and security features (
  • SimpleLogin - email aliasing service that protect your digital identity which contributes to privacy and anonymity - I wouldn’t recommend using email feature without a service like this anymore (

This browser is running slow when I click or type on it

@Rutyj5fGU6t thank you for the kind words! Will be sure the team sees this.

@coenmccall1 please open your own thread and provide as much detail surrounding your issue as possible and we’ll be happy to assist.

Thank you