I Lost my Rewards

Hi, about 2 weeks ago I started using the Brave search engine; In the rewards I already had an approximate of 95 dollars until yesterday at 10:00 or 11:00 a.m. (Mexico time) I still had 95. Today I enter the search engine and in my rewards it seems that I only have $ 1.04 (4.235 BAT). According to Brave, my due date is December 5; Why is my reward no longer complete? :frowning:

95 dollars in only 2 weeks? How is that even possible?

But the daily ad limit is 20. Its not possible to get huge amount of bats in such a short time. Theres either a glitch or you have referral sistem which i think doesnt exist anymore. @Mattches can you enlighten me on how the ad system works?

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Even if you use for long hours ads are supposed to be not interruptive so they would appear when no app is in full screen mode. and the daily limit is 21 ads per day according to the FAQ in reddit
Also $95 for 2 weeks of use is not likely possible as it is approximately 431BAT which would require 4300 of 0.1BAT reward ads. which would come at about 300 ads per day.

its fair for fraud or cheater brave system

It’s not possible to earn $95 in two weeks.

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