I lost my current BAT

I have reset recently my computer and I lost my BAT progress this month. Is there anyway to get it back?
I have a verified account.

Too late, you should’ve backup before to do it.

I did that and they still paid me for the account that was no longer on after reset. It is automatic. It comes if that account was still verified to the wallet after you reloaded second time



@CerealLover Instead of just user data folder, entire Brave-browser folder is to be backed-up.

To understand clearly, you saying having your account verified makes you maintain your previous balance (that inside an exchange)? If so yes, verified users don’t lost funds in exchange and you only have to relink the new installed browser; but for the extimate balance of the current month you have to backup UserData folder of Brave, and paste it after installation. It works even for unverified users.

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I did it only a day after payment date so was very little current month balance. I still got payment because it had already stated it was in process.

Honestly it’s a bit of a roll of the dice. Anything you’ve previously received will still be there. As to ads in this period, you can receive IF they happened to already be reconciled and/or reported on the backend. Unfortunately this is done randomly and we wouldn’t be able to tell you what would have been reconciled or what you may have lost.

Short version is you may have lost some or all of your earnings prior to you resetting your PC. We have no way of knowing until you receive your payout.

Btw, I might suggest checking out my FAQ that Brave pinned a while back. It goes into detail on various topics, including what to do and risks if you’re trying to do a backup or reset your PC. You can see it at PSA: User FAQ - Support & Answers

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