Lost BAT after reseting my windows

I had the browser back in may, had to reset PC now im not sure if I can those BAT back. I have a list of 12 words but not sure if they are used for Brave or another crypto related website. Thank you

You can always try those 12 words. It won’t hurt you if they’re wrong.

You cant. Unless you had a verified account(uphold/gemini) linked to your brave wallet, you cant recover it.
The 12 words are not for the brave bat wallet. these are for sync or the other wallet brave has. But that has nothing to do with the BAT you get from getting ads.

I highly suggest if you can to verify uphold or gemini. So this wont happen or at least not to the extend that you lose everything.

To answer the question in advance. You also can not backup any files before a reset to get your wallet back. It doesnt work. Since you always get a new wallet no matter what.

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