Want to Reset my PC

Hi Everyone,

I want to reset my laptop due to some reason.
But i have around 9 BAT that is there on my brave this month earnings. IS there any way i could backup the rewards once i reinstall the brave after resetting my PC ?

Because it took 3-4 months to get to 9 BATs and i don’t want to loose it

Do you have your rewards verified through a custodial wallet such as Uphold or Gemini?

yes it is verified through Gemini. But the BAT’s i have will be processed only next month. I need to reset it tomorrow. So wont be able to wait till month end so the BAT can be claimable.

I wanted to know any way to backup the current BAT i have on my brave



Read this post if verified/unverified wallet. can i create bats backup? - #4 by CerealLover

Do a backup of the entire Brave folder that you can usually find on \AppData\Local and replace it after PC reset. Done.

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