Payment for January Disappeared after resetting PC

I just claimed my reward for January and it reflected on my balance, after I reset my PC and login to my gemini to link to the brave browser, it only shows my balance before the January payout. How to fix this?

@parnaoia If your wallet was already verified, you’ll have all your prior BAT there already. As to this month’s, as long as it was pending and Brave has it on their servers, you should be receiving the payment in your Gemini account within the next 3-5 days.

That said, if your browser hadn’t communicated and processed on Brave servers yet, you might have lost your BAT for the month.

Please take that as a grain of salt as I’m still learning and am only a normal user like yourself. That said, I’m trying to answer as has been explained before. The question is if I might be wrong on how often the browser communicates and how much is stored on theri servers at any given moment. I just remember them saying,

your BAT is basically local data on your device. If you reformat your computer, for example, you will lose your BAT.

Which is why I said it depends on whether it’s processed to be sent to Gemini beforehand or if it was still "local data on the device’ which you could have lost when you did the reset.

Best case scenario: Keep an eye out and you may see it within the next 5 days.

Next Best Case Scenario: If it doesn’t show within the next 14 days, then get in touch with Mattches with your information and he can always check things on their side. If any way to get it to you, he will.

Worst Case Scenario: Otherwise he’ll inform you no luck and you’ll be SOL for the month.'s BAT but you’ll at least be earning for the current month.

Also just for the future, until they release the official Backup & Restore function, you may want to keep the below Reddit posts in mind.

Dumb me thought that turning sync and checking everything will do the job, I forgot there’s a backup function for rewards. Guess I’ll wait for now. Thank you for your response.

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