I lost all my 100+ tabs. Every single one just disappeared when I restarted my browser, without warning, without asking me whether to restore tabs

I was doing a lot of research that happened to take place across a lot of tabs, but then when I opened my browser like I did any other day, everything is just gone! No traces of my tabs there or anywhere! Even after restarting the browser several times. I can’t find a button or feature somewhere in the app that restores all my tabs from my previous uses of the Brave app. It has got to still have a history/keep track of all the tabs that I’ve lost just a while ago.Please tell me that the browser actually still has memory of all my lost tabs and there actually is a feature somewhere in the app to restore all of them because I checked Settings and History and saw nothing that could do that. I am worried that if nothing is done about it, all those tabs will just disappear and be lost forever.

My device is iPhone 11 Pro, iOS version 17.2.1, Brave browser version is 1.61.

Brave developers, please do something, don’t leave me hanging like this!

I had the same thing happen. It has been a nightmare to manage. The history is in the ellipse (three periods …). My ellipse is on the bottom right of my screen. I have deleted all the items I did not want, which is a tedious process on the phone because the lines are skinny; and I have both closed the history and deleted the wrong line. I have small fingers so I feel sorry for anyone with normal hand sizes. I also have to constantly delete new history that I don’t want. I am afraid to hit the trash button because I am not sure if it will give me a choice or just delete everything.

I have had a similar thing happen to me the last few weeks. The only caveat is that all of my tabs randomly showed back up (after disappearing every time I closed the app) for a couple days, then promptly disappeared again. It’s been SUPER frustrating, and has never been a problem in the YEARS I’ve used this app.

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